If you're looking for space, organisation, flexibility and productivity, our standard shelving systems are the ideal solution for you. Free standing gondolas are a fantastic way to create aisles within an open plan area.


  • Shelf for Retail Shop Shelving

  • Use as additional shelf to complement your Freestanding Wall Units or Gondolas

  • Supplied with pair of brackets with variable angle

  • Type: Flat shelf

  • Width: 650mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1250mm

  • Available depth: 30cm, 37cm, 47cm, 57cm

  • Shelves for Retail Shop Shelving Freestanding Wall Units and Gondolas. Straight shelves supplied with pair of variable angle brackets. Use as additional shelf to complement units.

Tego Shelves

Excluding VAT
  • Tego wall bays